Traditional Wedding in Pelion


Not far from our hotel, during the “Cultural Summer” of municipality of Zagora, in the summer of 2010, the Women’s Feminine Association and the Municipality of Zagora successfully organized the Revival of the Traditional Wedding in Pelion.

It is about the revival of the traditional way that the weddings in Pelion took place..

Firstly, the wedding dress was made, in other terms the traditional costume, consisting of the Skirt, the “Trahilia”, the “Kontogouni”, the Belt and the “Mafesi”.

Then the “Mpratimia”, the friends of the groom and bride, invited the people to the event, while the friends and relatives of the couple dealt with the summoning of the dowry.

The Mpratimia also went to the bride’s house and blended the yeast from which the traditional loop was made. With the same flour, they covered the groom and bride, so that they grow old and become “white” together.

On Friday, the “keratzides”, aka the mule drivers, rode their decorated horses and transferred the dowry to the central square of the village, where the “cutting” of the wedding dress took place.

On Sunday, they shaved the groom by the sound of the traditional “patinada” of Pelion and the rifles. Then, they got him dressed and they started dancing outside his house, while the “mpratimia” treated the people. Afterwards, they headed towards the house of the bride through the central streets of the village while dancing and singing. The groom treated the friends of the bride, met the bride and then they started dancing. Then, they headed to the church together and after the ceremony there was the wedding party where the traditional revelry took place.

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