Pelion Diving


The Pelion peninsula however, is just as unique and stunning underwater as it is above. In the deep blue waters of the Pagasitic Gulf and the Aegean sea, one discovers an amazing undersea world.

The "Pelion Diving School" offers a huge selection of diving programs and excursions for all levels of divers, from amateurs to experienced divers. Below you will find an overview of our lessons


Pelion Diving Training Programs

  1. Discover Scuba Diving
    Aim of Program: Supply of basic theory and practice training, to anyone who wants to be introduced to the adventurous autonomy diving, in a short time. There is no certification provided.
  2. Open Water Diver
    Aim of Program:
    The supply of a complete training to whoever wishes to become SCUBA diver, giving emphasis to the skills and the knowledge that is necessary for the developing of a safe amateur diver and for the improvement of the confidence to everyone who share the adventures of the underwater exploration.
  3. Advanced Open Water Diver
    Aim of Program:
    To allow the Open Water Divers to expand their abilities in the water and have a more spherical practice experience..
  4. Rescue Diver
    Aim of Program: To develop in depth the ability to self and body’s rescue.
  5. Diver First Aid
    Aim of Program:
    To teach the scuba divers how to handle diving accidents and other injuries that may occur on the diving field.
  6. Oxygen Administrator
    Aim of Program: To teach the scuba diver how to handle the oxygen supply equipment to administrate a diving accident.
  7. Divemaster
    Aim of Program: To supply efficient training to whom wishes to supervise self recreation divers and to be leading on recreational diving programs.


Diving Excursions in Pelion

Our diving excursions are carried out with the 6 m. long speed boat of our school, which holds 12 people or 8 scuba divers with their full equipment. Our base is the picturesque and quaint village Agia Kiriaki which is situated on the southern point of Magnesia’s peninsula, exactly in front of the Cross as the locals call the point that Pagasitic gulf meets the Aegean Sea.

We start our diving excursions from the port of Agia Kiriaki, in a variety of unique destinations, towards all three seas to explore the islets and the rocks of the Pagasitic Gulf ( Paleo Trikeri, Pythou, Mikra, Prassouda, Alatas ) towards the Argyroniso and the islets of Evoean sea, as well as the areas along the eastern coasts of Pelion in the Aegean Sea and North Evia, the reef Lefteris, Pontikonisi, and many more.

Ship wrecks, walls, reefs, gorgonian forests, and contacts with large



It is clarified that diving doesn’t take place in Chorefto Pelion (place our hotel is situated) but in various spots 60 to 90 minutes away from our hotel.

In order to participate it is necessary: to be in excellent physical condition and to have your own transportation or agree to travel by bus in case a group is formed.

  1. Άγιος Νικόλαος – Agios Nikolaos
  2. Αλυκές, Άγιος Στέφανος – Alikes, Agios Stefanos
  3. Πλάκες - Plakes
  4. Κάτω Γατζέα – Kato Gatzea
  5. Κάλαμος - Kalamos
  6. Πάου - Paou
  7. Αλατάς - Alatas
  8. Πρασούδα -Prasouda
  9. Τραχήλι - Trachili
  10. Πυθού - Pythou
  11. Αγία Κυριακή, Ναυάγιο ¨Καλή τύχη¨ – Agia Kiriaki, “Kali tichi” wreck
  12. Ύφαλος Λευτέρης, Ναυάγιο ¨Βέρα¨ - Reef “Lefteris”, “Vera” wreck


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